The benefits of Mouthguards: Protecting our little athletes’ teeth

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

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It’s nearing the end of summer, and that often means rugby season for kids Brisbane region. Parents are gearing their children up with the essentials needed for a busy season, purchasing equipment and searching the back of wardrobes for lost parts of uniforms. However, sadly one often overlooked piece of equipment is the all important mouthguard.

There are many sports, which for one reason or another can pose a risk to children’s teeth (adults too for that matter). It could be that it’s a contact sport such as rugby, or simply that the sport is fast paced and involves hard objects like hockey. Regardless of the sport, the threat remains the same. So, just as we so diligently place an emphasis on making sure our little ones wear protective body gear, we feel the same degree of importance should also be placed on safeguarding their pearly whites too. After all, mouthguards are designed specifically to protect our teeth, and they are great at their job! Let us explain how:

1. Mouthguards have been developed to effectively absorb shock. This means your child will be protected against any sudden impact he or she might receive whilst playing sports.

2. Mouthguards do more than simply prevent damage to tooth enamel (chipped tooth, cracked tooth, etc.). The mouthguard does far more than that, it also protects against other potential injuries such as jaw fractures, damage to lips, gums and cheeks. And what’s more it even protects the jaw joint itself.

3. Mouthguards are even more essential for children wearing braces. This is because braces pose a slightly higher risk of oral injuries, particularly mouth lacerations, which can happen if a ball or another player hits their braces.

So, consider this your reminder. If you are a parent with an active child, especially a child that plays any kind of team sport, or sport involving high physical activity, it’s critical to include mouthguards as part of their protective equipment.

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